BuffBeauty™ was created in 2012 by Mary Zilba, a Canadian mother, recording artist, humanitarian, and star of Slice's The Real Housewives of Vancouver series. BuffBeauty™ was created for busy women on the go, who like Mary, have little time to spare and who want to look Beautiful and Understated, not over done and made up.

Whether you're a student, a mom, or a business woman, the collection consists of just 5 simple products that in 5-8 minutes, will give you a glowing look that is both radiant and natural; Feminine and Fresh giving you that effortless look of having had a refreshing "good night's sleep".

As a woman, mother, and humanitarian, Mary chose to use inspirational phrases and words to name the products in this collection that are symbolic of her philosophy on life and will hopefully inspire you as well. She believes in giving back and paying it forward, empowering each other, and most importantly - supporting women globally.

Using BuffBeauty™ Products

BuffBeauty™ is so easy to apply, you'll be done in no time. Watch Mary apply the beautiful 5 piece collection in just minutes, leaving her radiant and natural. BuffBeauty™ truly is for women on the go!